October 14, 2021, Thursday 28th Week in Ordinary Time

Luke 11: 11:47-54 Please open your Scriptures and read these verses prayerfully. Getting to Know You. "You have taken away the key of knowledge. You yourselves did not enter, and you stopped those trying to enter." Do you remember or ever heard the song, "Getting to Know you, getting to know all about you? Marni […]

10/13/2021 – St. Edward

Edward the Confessor was the son of King Ethelred III and his Norman wife, Emma, daughter of Duke Richard I of Normandy. He was born at Islip, England, and sent to Normandy with his mother in the year 1013 when the Danes under Sweyn and his son Canute invaded England. Canute remained in England and […]

Missions Sunday

Mission Sunday 2021 The “Servants of Jesus, the High Priest” Our Catholic Church celebrates Mission Sunday throughout the world.• It’s an opportunity to remember how blessed we are and share some of those blessings with others. It is an honor to welcome Sisters Maria and Marie.• They are members of the “Servants of Jesus, the […]

Vaccination Exemption Letter

If you are in need of a vaccination exemption letter due to your formed conscience objecting to the vaccine, the following link is provided by the USCCB. https://www.ncbcenter.org/ncbc-news/vaccineletter

10/12/2021 – St. Felix and Cyprian

Martyred bishops of Africa who were driven out into the Sahara Desert by the Vandals’ King Hunneric, an Arian. They were reportedly accompanied by almost five thousand Catholics. Their trials and tribulations were recorded by Victor of Utica, a contemporary.