What is an Ascribed Member? 

An Ascribed Member of the Institute of Charity is an individual who has come to know the Rosminians and the Maxims of Christian Perfection. And after formation, prayer and discernment has decided to live in accordance with the teachings and spirituality of its’ founder Blessed Antonio Rosmini, trusting in the Order, the Church, and His Providence. 

Who is Blessed Antonio Rosmini? 
Blessed Antonio Rosmini, born in Rovereto, near Trent, on 24th March 1797, was ordained priest in 1821, and founded the Institute of Charity on 20th February 1828, at Sacro Monte Calvario, Domodossola, in the Diocese of Novara. 

Antonio Rosmini was a great philosopher and theologian, as well as a profound spiritual master. He had his vocation as a writer confirmed in no uncertain words by several Popes: Pius VII, Pius VIII, Leo XII, Gregory XVI, and Pius IX. They knew the power and solidity of his ideas and urged him to “take people by means of reason to lead them to religion”. 

He authored over 100 books, helped modernize philosophy, and founded the Institute of Charity. 

What is the Institute of Charity? 

Founded by Blessed Antonio Rosmini, the order has the charism of universal charity. The fundamental characteristics of his spiritual and apostolic charism consists in living to the full universal charity. Rosmini saw this as having three forms: temporal, intellectual, and spiritual. To achieve this, he remained fully open to doing the Will of God in all things. He dedicated his life to making JESUS Christ known, He who is the Truth, in complete fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church. 

Spiritual charity, the highest of the three, concerns the pastoral and spiritual care of souls in parishes, retreat centers, and in missionary work. Intellectual charity is pursued by means of education in schools, colleges, and universities. Temporal charity deals with a wide range of personal need and embraces the sick, the poor, and the marginalized. 

The Institute currently is in the United States, Ireland, England, Wales, New Zealand, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Venezuela and Italy.  

The membership of the Institute is made up of Ordained men, religious brothers and sisters, and the Ascribed members (laity). They are equal in standing with different specific roles and requirements. 

What are the Rosminians’ values? 

Rosminian beliefs mirror the Church’s beliefs and are eloquently spelled out in the Maxims of Christian Perfection in detail. Our spirituality is based on the following values. 

  1. We are to remain in a contemplative state until called to action by God. 
  1. We always seek to act with justice and charity. 
  1. We uphold the supreme value of people as they are a creation of God. 
  1. We seek to know God’s will and to conform our will to His. 
  1. We uphold the Church as the Body of Christ led by the Risen Lord. 
  1. We embrace our station in life until called to something else; married, single, poor, religious, priest. 
  1. We acknowledge our sinfulness and rely on God’s love and mercy. 
  1. We seek out God’s Providence in our lives. 

How do I become an Ascribed Member

Those who seek ascription start by attending 6 monthly formation classes. During these classes, you will learn in detail all that Blessed Rosmini wrote in the Maxims of Perfection.  

After the formation classes, if you have decided through prayer and discernment that this is God’s call to you, you can request entrance into the Ascribed Community. You will be installed as an Ascribed at a Mass.  

Contact PLT@bscchurch.com for more information.