In 2012, Father Rick attended a Catholic Leadership Institute program entitled “Good Leaders, Good Shepherds”. One of his projects was to establish a core team at the parish. The Parish Leadership Team (PLT) grew out of that core team.

Since our formation in 2012, the PLT has spent it’s time discerning the needs in our parish and God’s will to address those needs. It was through this discernment that the PLT adopted our purpose and vision. As a team we abide by these statements.

Purpose Statement:

Our sacred purpose at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church (parish and school) is to joyfully root our lives in Jesus Christ, the Sacraments and the teachings of His Church; to build communion through service so that all will be welcomed on our journey to eternal life.

Vision Statement:

We see a joyful, welcoming parish community where our parishioners embrace their faith in Christ and His Sacraments. Through their gifts and ministries, our parishioners reach out to others through service, and encourage each other to grow in Catholic Faith, thereby bringing the Gospel to life during their earthly pilgrimage.

Utilizing the principles taught at “Good Leaders, Good Shepherds” and further enhanced by “Tending the Talents” (attended by team members Brent Sowards, Cindy Yevich and Fred Eschenfelder), our team has established a five year plan to enrich our parish life and promote the Faith. We have targeted two key responsibility areas for our immediate action; communication and discipleship. This website is a product of our first action; establishing a comprehensive communication team. In the near future, you will hear more about our initiatives in Discipleship.

Our team is excited and honored to serve you, our parish family. If any of us can be of assistance, please email us at

Your servants in Christ,

Parish Leadership Team