Lesser Known Saints

Today we start a new series, hosted by John Lessl, that highlights a lesser known saint each day. It will be hosted on the Brent’s Blog page. Here is the link And here is the first video:

Changes in RCIA

The Rite of Catechetical Instruction for Adults, RCIA, has recently made some changes to the way it educates and brings adults into full communion with the Church. In the past, each year a new group of inquirers would be formed. These individuals, regardless of their history, would go through catechesis until Easter. Then at the […]

You Are the Church!

Recently, one of our parishioners visited another parish out of town. She brought back a prayer that they recite at the end of mass. This is my church. It is composed of people just like me. It will be friendly if I am friendly. It will do a great work if I work. It will […]

F-I-N-C-H, The Word that Leads to Grace!

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, several of our parishioners have been participating in Hearts Afire program by Fr. Gaitley. The first program, “33 Days to Morning Glory” acquainted us with the Immaculate Heart of Jesus, the Blessed Mother Mary, and the Graces received through her intercession. We are now participating in the next step in the […]

All the Baptized Share in the Priestly Office

The following is an excerpt from a sermon of St. Leo the Great, who’s Feast Day we celebrate today. In this excerpt, St. Leo gives us a little better understanding of our role in the Priesthood which was bestowed upon us at our Baptism. “Although the universal Church of God is constituted of distinct orders […]