Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Thursday – 12 – 23 –2021

 Thursday and of the Fourth Week in Advent  Luke 1:57-79 – 


Have you ever taken your spiritual temperature? The thermometer I use is the thoughts that keep coming up in my head all day, even sometimes for days. Sometimes they are incredible and refreshing, even enjoyable. Other thoughts can quickly turn up the temperature, like anger or frustrations. We might think, “Why did this have to happen?” We might blame someone for how we feel. Even God is sometimes the One who bears the brunt of our feelings. “Couldn’t You have done something, Lord?”

He sure could have and still can do something. God allows us to experience hurtful things because, underneath all that pain, He is waiting to save us, not just make us feel better. We can let the thoughts keep beating us up. But there comes the point when enough is enough.

Zechariah, John the Baptist’s father, couldn’t speak when he could not embrace the truth that his elderly wife, Elizabeth, could bear a son. His speech impediment was a remedy for him to surrender himself to God. We have to get out of the way for God to work on his wonderful salvation that Zachariah proclaimed today. Instead of trying to fix ourselves or anyone else, acknowledge where you hurt the most, “Lord, I can do nothing about this problem. I am helpless. Save me, so it never returns.” The Lord will lift the impediment from our thoughts so He can open our mouth and loosen our tongue so we can speak to others the blessings of God. It beats complaining all the time.


 Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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