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Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Saturday 11th Week in Ordinary Time 06-18-2022
Saturday 11th Week in Ordinary Time 2022
Matthew 6:24-34 https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/061822.cfm


The only moment we can be with God is the present moment. He is not present to us five seconds ago, nor any moment in the future. But all moments are present to God, from the first moment of creation to the last moment at the end of time. He is eternal.

We can learn from the past and prepare for the future, like a mother shopping for dinner. But to worry is to leave the present moment with God and venture out on our own. The present moment is the only moment we can embrace God’s grace. “When our attention is drawn to the past or the future, we miss what God has for s right now, and we lose the opportunity to share in His Grace!Stop Drop and Pray, Calling on God’s Healing Power, page 7, by Barbara Alderfer.)

When worry overcomes me, and I can’t get rid of it, I pray over the words of Blessed Antonio Rosmini in the 4th Maxim of Christian Perfection, TO ABANDON OURSELVES WHOLLY TO DIVINE PROVIDENCE. He wrote:

1. There is perhaps no Maxim which helps more than this to obtain the peace of heart and evenness of mind proper to the Christian life.

2. There is perhaps no Maxim which, when practiced with the simplicity and generosity of heart that it requires, renders the follower of Jesus Christ more dear to our Heavenly Father. For it implies perfect confidence in Him, and in Him alone; It implies a most lively faith, which believes as certain that all things in this world, both great and small, rest alike in the hand of our Heavenly Father, and that nothing happens except as He disposes of for the accomplishment of His adorable designs. It implies also a belief in the infinite goodness, mercy, bounty and generosity of our Heavenly Father, who disposes of all things for the good of them that trust Him; so that His gifts and favors, His care and graces, are bestowed in proportion to the confidence which His well-beloved children place in Him.


In short, pray, “O Jesus, I surrender myself to You, take care of everything.” He will and always does.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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