17th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2022

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Sunday 17th Week in Ordinary Time 6-24-2022
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2022
Luke 11:1-13 https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/072422.cfm


Fr. Tom McGrath tells a story about a young man’s struggle with prayer. The young man said: "I was so angry at God because I had asked him to help me stop doing drugs. And then, before long, I was getting high again.

"I was angry at God and mad at my parents who told me God would help me if I asked. And I was mad at my Catholic school teachers, who taught me the same thing. I was furious one Sunday when I went back to church after a long time, and the preacher said we should be persistent in prayer and not give up.

"But I wanted to give up, and I could no longer trust God after being seemingly turned down or ignored so many times before. And yet a few days later, after another horrific night acting in ways that left me shamed and empty and aching, I got down on my knees one more time, and I uttered just two words: ‘God, help!’
"And I felt something. It was an inner click of willingness.

Something inside shifted, and trust was born inside me. It only took that moment, and my recovery began. And now I’m glad for every prayer I said along the way. It took all that praying not to change God, but to change me."

Prayer is like that. I want to say that our hearts have to grow so small in how we love ourselves that they get big enough for God to relate to us as a father with his child. Jesus told us He came so that we may have life to the fullest.

So, every time we ask for something in prayer and don’t receive it, know for sure we are receiving more of God as we trust less in our way of fixing things and more in God’s way of being with us.
Like the young man, one day, our hearts will be packed, worth every moment we had to wait.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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