Fr. Rick’s One Minute Homily Sunday 12-26-2021
Feast of the Holy Family 
Luke 2:41-52 –


We often hear on the local news that a child has been abducted or is lost. It strikes a chord of panic in us, even if we don’t know the family. I stop what I am doing and see if I know the family. When we know someone, panic turns to fear, and we can’t think of anything else.

Mother Mary and St. Joseph experienced this anxiety to the max degree. When Jesus was 12 years old, they were in Jerusalem celebrating festivities. Mary left in a separate caravan from Joseph, thinking Jesus was with Joseph, and Joseph thought He was with Mary. A mistake easily made. Jesus was 12 now, so Mary figured He would be with Joseph. Children stayed with Mom until they were 12.

Where is Jesus? Sometimes we lose Him. We must travel back in time and search for the moment He wasn’t with us. It could be yesterday, or it could be years ago. The more important someone is to us, the more we experience panic and fear. If we aren’t experiencing that alarm, know that Jesus is, to the max. The more we search for Him when we lost Him, the sooner we will find Him. Please know this for sure, He will be waiting for us in our temple.

Ask Mother Mary and St. Joseph to help you. They found Jesus once, and they will find Him again. When you do find Him, help Jesus advance in wisdom and age and favor (in you) before God and man. (Luke 2:52)


 Fr. Rick Pilger, IC 


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