26th Sunday in Ordinary Time C 2022

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 09-24-2022

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time C 2022

Luke 16:19-31 https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/092522.cfm


Reading today’s gospel about Lazarus and the rich man made me think of the prayer, the Our Father. The word “Our” is not singular but plural. God is the Father of all people. “Give us this day “Our” daily bread. We are all in this together. Our actions can help or stifle others.

For instance, before going to bed, I can appreciate how generous the Father is when I go over the day and think of all my blessings. It is incredible to think of all the little things people do for you morning, noon, and night. It is good to thank God and ask Him to bless them for their kindness. He is Our Father who cares for us and provides for us, whether we are aware or not. That is just the way He is with us.

We pray in the Confiteor at the beginning of Mass, “I confess to Almighty God that I have greatly sinned…in what I have failed to do.” I need to think of people whom I failed to be with are my Lazarus. In His Divine Providence, God put them at my doorstep, and I continue to walk past them to get on with my business.

Or if I do have to do something for them, my heart isn’t in it. I ask forgiveness for not seeing them and responding to their needs. Seeing them in my examination is healthy, so I can be with them tomorrow without fail.

In a retreat before ordination, I heard Jean Vanier say, “The rich man asked Father Abraham from the flames, “How did I end up here? How is Lazarus up there with you?” Jean Vanier paraphrased, “Well, Lazarus lived a life of poverty. No one gave him a job because of his disability. But he lived a good life. So, therefore, he came here, and every time you walked past him, you became more distant from Lazarus. You went to the appropriate distance you set between him and you.”

Starting today, let us bridge that gap between Lazarus and us. Then, let us be that gap between Jesus and Lazarus. Today, thank the Lord for the blessings others brought into your life. Then quietly let Jesus show you the faces of people you do not want to step over to get on with your day.

St. Teresa of Lisieux said this about justice:

God considers our weakness, that He is perfectly aware of our fragile human nature.

God gives us another day to settle things with Lazarus. I praise Our Father that we have many opportunities to someone’s daily bread.


Father Rick Pilger, I.C.


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