26th Sunday of the Year A Matthew 21: 28-32

Fr, Rick’s two-Minute Homily for the 26th Sunday of the Year A
Matthew 21: 28-32 October 1, 2023

It can be painful if you’ve tried out for a team and were cut. You have your eyes on the other players during the tryouts. Then comes the day of reckoning, and you get cut from the team. “What? You can kick, pass, shoot, or pitch much better than others who made the team. “It just makes no sense that the coach picked them. “What does the coach see that I don’t see?”

The same thing happens in the workplace when we get passed over for promotion. What does the boss see that I don’t see?

“Amen, I say to you, tax collectors and prostitutes.
are entering the kingdom of God before you.”

This statement by Jesus is just as outrageous by those who heard it as we are by the scenarios I just mentioned. The Law was clear: who was worthy and who wasn’t. There are good people and bad people.

My friends, we never find peace of mind when we compare ourselves to others. No one is better than anyone else in our Father’s eyes. All people are his favorites because he loves all with perfect love.

God loves you and the person you look down on as only he can, with the Father’s love. So, let’s use the good heart Jesus gave us to see what needs changing in our lives. No one can repent from our sins for us. We will never see those sins when we focus on another’s behavior.

Gospel Challenge:
Jesus offers us a heart different from the one that pushes people away. Only one heart forgives seventy times seven. And that is the heart of Jesus. We grow into His heart one act of mercy at a time. It starts with the next person who hurt us.

Fr. Rick Pilger, I.C.

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