Assumption of Mother Mary August 15

Fr. Rick’s Three Minute Homily for Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 08-15-2023 Luke 1:39-56


Mother Mary assumed Jesus wholly and completely, even in his sufferings. And she still does in his Body on earth (The Church). So here is a gripping story of two types of assumption, one in suffering and one in glory.

Fr. Richard Leonard, SJ, recalls the story where a village was terrorized on August 15, 1975, outside of Santiago, Chile. Over 300 men attending a parish council went missing. The village’s families were horrified to discover that their husbands, fathers, and grandfathers were tortured, imprisoned, and finally murdered under General Pinochet.

Later in November, their bodies were discovered, and they cried their hearts out as they prayed the Rosary. One mother after another cried out as they held their children in their arms, “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death.”

A witness to this heart-wrenching discovery claimed she never had much of a devotion to Mother Mary, nor hardly ever said the Rosary. The way she was portrayed with her white skin, blue veil, and her gentle smile was something beyond her reach.

How her devotion changed, realizing that Mother Mary was bearing their shock, grief, and even anger. Mother Mary’s presence hit home when a mother on the way home told this lady, “Mary knows what it’s like to bring a child in the world and claim his dead body in her arms.” (Preaching to the Converted, Richard Leonard, SJ, p. 372).

Before our mother was assumed into heaven, she assumed the heart of her Son’s mercy for those who crucified Him. Embracing His mercy for those who nailed Him to the Cross, she had the strength of God Himself to endure this horrible agony. That is why the mothers in that village prayed the Holy Rosary when they searched and found their sons. They bore their pain with Mother Mary’s strength.

We have our suffering assumptions. But this is not the time for us to forget how powerful our mother’s presence can be in challenging times. She is there. Every Hail Mary brings her and her strength closer to us so that it can be our strength too.


Father Rick Pilger, I.C.


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