Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Friday, the 4th Week in Lent – 04-01-2022



A long time ago, I heard that the second-highest virtue after martyrdom is obedience. I became convinced that if I did the will of God, accepting any assignment my superiors asked of me, God would provide. And He has with me. The strangest thing I find is that God always comes through when I am faced with difficulties and impossible situations. “O Jesus, I trust in You. Take care of everything.” Obedience gives me great courage because I know God will make up and provide everything I need, and His will is done.

We received courage when we were confirmed. It comes from the heart of Jesus. He faced opposition when He entered Jerusalem before His Passion. He was a marked man as leaders were calling for His death. Yet He spoke openly in the Temple area.

Behind courage and its strength is peace, a fruit of the Holy Spirit that graces us to remain true to our commitments under all circumstances. Jesus’ courage came from the knowledge that He was not alone. “I did not come on my own. God sent me.”

It’s incredible how much courage comes from the peace that God is calling the shots, not me. The martyrs knew this peace when they gave their lives for their faith in Jesus and the Church. Peace of heart and the strength that comes with it is the needle of our compass that always points to the Father’s will, always seeing to please Him alone.

If you are facing a difficult situation, search for peace of heart. But, if you feel any anxiety, fear, or worry, keep searching. The more you search, the more you open your heart to God, and the more you will know He is with you. Peace will come when we allow God to take care of everything. Courage is built on the foundation of peace.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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