Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Monday 4th Week in Easter 2022 – 05-09-2022



How terrible to lose your keys? If I am outside, I can’t get into my house. If I lost my car keys, I couldn’t go anywhere. Life can come to a standstill without my keys. 

Jesus says that He is the gate of the sheep. So he is to us, His Church, what keys are to our homes and vehicles. So when Jesus was conceived in the womb of Mother Mary, He opened the gate of heaven for us. So likewise, the gate of heaven in us opens up when we surrender ourselves to Jesus. 

How often does life challenge us when we try to make things right ourselves? For example, something happens in a relationship; we try to fix it and never give Jesus a second thought. We are trying to make the person or people change to our liking. Jesus calls us thieves and robbers. We lose patience and get angry because the person will not behave the way we want them to act. I lost my keys to their heart. 

Try entering through the Gate, Jesus. Everything changes. Our sole purpose is to want what is best for the other, not ourselves. With Jesus, we lay down our lives, plans, and ideas. We don’t insist they do this or that. Instead, we listen to understand them. The more we understand, the more we love them and will sacrifice ourselves for them.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything. I will let You work out all the details. I am not going to lead. Instead, I will follow you into the hearts and lives of my brothers and sisters wherever that may lead me.

All will be good because I will find you there.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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