Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Monday 6th Week in Easter 2022, 05-23-2022



Struggling with a shoulder full of arthritis is no fun. My surgeon delayed the surgery because I was so young. He didn’t want to replace it again in 12 years. That is the life of a titanium replacement shoulder. Finally, the day came for the surgery, and how I was relieved that now I would gain full use of my shoulder after therapy. 

Imagine if that relief came whenever I needed it. And it kept coming. I am not thinking of taking a pain pill that masks the pain. I mean full use of the shoulder. Every time I needed to use my shoulder; I would get relief by asking. If that treatment existed, the joint replacement business would be replaced.

Guess what? Jesus makes that treatment available in all life situations. He said that He  will send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, from my Father.” Let’s not think of Him sending the Holy Spirit once and for all when we receive The Sacrament of Confirmation, and that’s it. NO. He sends the Holy Spirit, our Advocate, every moment in every situation we encounter throughout the day.

Why does God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do this for us? Because He doesn’t want us to live any moment without Him. As Jesus has been telling us in the Gospel of John, the world hates Jesus and Jesus in us. Therefore, our Advocate will stand up for us and protect us as a father and mother would protect their child from any danger. 

He will teach us and empower us to live each moment fully. With our Advocate at our side, no cross will be too heavy to bear, no task too difficult to perform. Jesus treats all His friends this way. So be a friend of Jesus and welcome His Holy Spirit in all your events. Just pray, “Come, Holy Spirit.” That’s it. The world moved out of your heart and into God’s utter fullness for you. Nothing will be impossible for you, as Jesus promised, “With Me, all things are possible.” 

What are you facing now that is impossible for you but not for Jesus? So keep praying for your heart, “Come Holy Spirit.”


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC 


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