Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Monday of Holy Week 2022 – 04-11-2022


Here we are, Monday of Holy Week. Where did those five weeks of Lent go? Please, God, we are all following Jesus a little more than when we received our ashes. I am thinking beyond what we gave up for Lent. Consider the sacrifices we have made to be a better person, spouse, parent, and child, even a better Catholic.

In today’s Gospel, Mary confessed her prostitution to Jesus as she poured an expensive oil over his feet. I can hear the words in her heart, “I want to walk with Jesus to His Cross and be with Him when He dies. This oil means nothing to me unless I pour it over His feet. I am sorry for having offended you, Jesus. Thank you for showing me mercy.”

Judas, a thief, used the poor as an excuse to get his hands on the money that oil was worth. His only sorrow was his empty purse. He had no consideration for the Passion Jesus was about to undergo. The one who is forgiven little is the one who loves little. 

St. Julian of Norwich once said, “We can only know we are truly loved when the person who knows the most awful disclosure of our darkest side still chooses to love us.” This is Jesus. Full of mercy. We don’t have to pour expensive oil over His feet. Our tears for causing Him so much suffering are more than enough. I pray for our peace of mind and heart.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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