Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Saturday 6th Week in Easter 5-28 -2022



God bless the 19 children and two teachers shot in the elementary school in Texas. The shooting is something we can’t begin to wrap around our little brains. How can someone commit such horrendous murders on innocent children? What is there to gain? Something in the report is quite disturbing. It said the gunman did not have a father. While this is not the sole reason for Salvador Ramo’s rampage, growing up without a father figure is a substantial contributing factor.

Jesus wants us to be as comfortable with His Father as with Him. Think how much he suffered so we could experience His Faher’s love and care for us. He was accused at His trial of calling God His Father. Yet, he stood up for us so much that He remained silent because no one would listen anyway.

It’s time we listen. The only way to draw near to God the Father is by drawing near to His Son. If someone hangs out with a gang that terrorizes neighborhoods, they will develop all the characteristics of the gang. Without a father figure to protect Salvador Ramos, he had no guidance and discipline only a father could give him. It doesn’t justify what he did, but it’s a start to understanding his behavior.

The report said he was bullied in school. It appears he lived in isolation. Perhaps it was his way of rebelling. Who knows? It’s all speculation.

I am slowly learning that the more I hang out with Jesus in Adoration and welcome His Presence and help during the day, the more I trust His Father to care for me and our parish and school. I love when God’s plan comes together.

I encourage you to join me in praying to St. Joseph and Mother Mary for all the victims  Salvador Ramos shot and killed and their families. I pray God’s last word he hears from the Father is mercy. Finally, pray for the soul of our society that is losing any sense of family. Prayer helps to dispel anger, fear, and anxiety. A decade of the Rosary is powerful. You will notice the difference when you pray.

Holy Family, pray for us.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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