Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Tuesday 1st Week in Lent – 03-06-2022

Tuesday Week in Lent 2022
 Matthew 6:7-15 https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/030822.cfm


We meet hundreds, maybe thousands of people in our lifetime. Many of those people we will never see again. Others we will get to know socially, and they remain acquaintances. Finally, we meet a few who become lifelong friends. We want to get to know them, and they want to know us. We both make efforts to keep in touch, and we long to hear from them every day as the story of our lives develops.

Jesus is offering us the kind of relationship with Him and His Father that can last more than a lifetime, an eternity. He makes this offer by asking us to ponder how we pray. Do not pray like the pagans who babble their words. They have no heart and are talking only to themselves.

“This is how you are to pray, “Our Father….” Calling God “Our Father” was a huge no-no. God was so distant to the Jewish people that they could not even say His Name when referring to Him. What a risk Jesus took in teaching us how to pray. But that is Jesus. He and His Father want us to be close to them, sharing our life with them as we do our best friends.

So He introduces us to His Father to relate everything that happens in our lives to Him. Jesus said that Our Father knows everything we need before we ask Him. That is really tight, and you can’t get closer than that. No one else understands us so intimately.

Pray those two words only and sit in silence, waiting to see what happens. Then, after 30 seconds or more, pray, Who art in heaven, Do the same. Finish the prayer the same way. I am amazed that God is just waiting for us to be with Him.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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