Fr. Rick’s Minute Homily – 12-05-2021

 Sunday 2nd Week of Advent 
Luke 3:1-6 


John the Baptist goes into the desert to find Jesus in you and in me. So, the desert really isn’t a dreadful thing, and that is if my heart remains a desert, waiting for Jesus.

So, think of your daily life as a desert. Maybe look at your schedule and see what you’ll be doing today, tomorrow, and even the next day. Pick one activity that you know is going to be challenging to manage. It doesn’t matter who it’s about or what you must do. I’ll tell you why. John is CRYING in the desert of that activity, “Prepare the way of the Lord.  

If this were just a human cry that we heard with only our minds and imaginations, it would be like a drop of water in that desert. But for John the Baptist, it was a river that came from the side of Christ crucified and empowered him to lay down his life for Jesus and the Gospel.  

Some people only hear a human cry. Remember Jesus told the crowd in John’s Gospel Chapter 6, “Unless you eat My Flesh and drink My Blood, you have no life in you,” many people left Him. Millions and millions of people throughout the church’s history joined John the Baptist when they heard the voice of the Lord crying out in their hearts. Some gave their lives as martyrs. 

Like me, you, too, need to hear the cry of the Lord deep in your heart every day. What do you find most puzzling? What troubles you most at this moment in life? Give Jesus a little of your time, asking him, “Jesus, what would you do if this trouble were your trouble too?” 

What He would do, He can do and you. Believe this, just like in Holy Communion, Jesus, the Word of God, is waiting to become flesh in you. “When I am weak, He is strong,” (John the Baptist.) 

Ignite the Fire 

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC  


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