Fr. Rick’s One Minute Homily for Friday – 12 – 24 –2021

Fr. Rick’s One Minute Homily for Friday – 12 – 24 –2021
Christmas Mass at Night
John 1:1-18 –  


Much of my childhood and teenage years were spent doing all I could to “Be Good for God.” I often failed because it was more about me and trying to impress Him and others, but I kept on trying. God was someone I had to please to be liked and loved by Him. Jesus was God’s Son in my head but not in my heart. When I was 18 years old, Fr. John Love, IC, prayed over me for the Holy Spirit to be released in my life and was He ever!

Everything in my relationship with God changed. Dramatically at first and then began the long walk of conversion from Ricky to becoming another Christ. I am still walking on that narrow road. However, I am not alone this time, and I am following Jesus. Yes, I fail, like we all do, but His mercy always welcomes me back through His words, “I absolve you from your sins….”

Can you remember the time in your life when Jesus became your best friend whom you want to follow? If not, who or what do you follow? Who or what preoccupies your thoughts and time throughout the day. John said in today’s Gospel, “To all who did accept Him, he gave them the power to become children of God.”

When I begin to stray, I go back to when I was 18 and capture the innocence of His love for me. I know then I can give Him whatever is happening in my life, good and evil, and He will make it great. Not as I will it but as He knows best. Ask Jesus to be your best friend today. And do it again tomorrow. His friendship is incredible and always new.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC 


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