Fr. Rick’s One Minute Homily for Monday – 01-03-2022 Monday after Epiphany

Matthew 2:12-17. 23-25 –


When we hear the words, “Proclaim the Gospel,” many, maybe a majority, think that we are not capable of such a task. Leave it to the pros, the clergy and catechists, and believe me, that is not the case. Here is why. The Gospel that Jesus proclaimed and handed on to us is not only in a text we read and hear. The Gospel is proclaimed in how we live and what we do morning, noon and night.

Jesus went about doing good. He did only what God could do, healing people on the spot. Well, not many of us can heal with a command. But we all can do good. We all are given opportunities every day to comfort someone, teach someone, feed someone, even our children. 

Did you ever think that you could go about your Galilee and proclaim the Gospel in the usual stuff you do every day? A Mom or Dad changes a diaper and puts in 8 hours a day at work; they proclaim the Gospel by “doing good.” 

We forget that everyday tasks are broadcasting the love Jesus has for people. Do it for the least, do it for the greatest, Jesus is there doing it with you, A pure intention to please Him is all you need. He will do the rest, sometimes even do a miracle.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC    


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