Fr. Rick’s Three Minute Homily for Friday – 12-17-2021

Fr. Rick’s Three Minute Homily for Friday – 12-17-2021
Friday of the Third Week in Advent 
Matthew 1:1-17


Grandparents Day at our school is so much fun. The whole school gathers in the parish center in the morning for a welcome, followed by lots of fun and activities. I love going over for lunch. The parish center is full of families sitting on blankets, eating their lunch, and having a good time.

Do you know or did you know your grandparents? What a blessing they are. Jesus had grandparents, great grandparents. In fact, his genealogy goes back 42 generations to Abraham. St. Matthew goes to the trouble of recording those names, so we know that Jesus is truly human. Another reason is to show us that His purpose for becoming one of us is to save us from making a mess of our lives and this world through sinful choices.

So, what is your purpose for being born in your family? I am asking myself that same question today. Like Jesus, there are good times for which we are grateful to Him. Then, there are challenging times. The Holy Family had those times. Think how tough it was for them to pack up in the middle of the night and walk 80 miles to Egypt, while Mother Mary carried Jesus in her arms. King Herod wanted Jesus dead. Think what Mary and Joseph were going through when they heard that soldiers were coming.

We all have had great times and struggles in our families. When a good memory comes to mind, welcome it, experience it again and thank the Lord for it. For any of those tough times and difficult memories, go to your Savior. He knows what it means to suffer. Share with Jesus any painful memories. “Do not be afraid.” He said that 23 times in the Gospels. JESUS IS LORD. Make Him Lord of your family. He can go back as far you need. Go and meet Him there. It’s Advent. He’s waiting.

 Ignite the Fire

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC 


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