Fr. Rick’s Three Minute Homily for Monday – 12-13-2021

Fr. Rick’s Three Minute Homily for Monday – 12-13-2021

Monday of the Third Week in Advent.

 Matthew 21:23-27


 How many people do we meet in a day? Some people we meet in person. Some we meet through a text or on the phone. Others we meet through snail mail and Christmas cards this time of year. Have you ever read a letter and felt the person in your heart? Have you ever walked into the presence of a stranger and felt like you knew them? You couldn’t explain it, but you knew it was true.

 Look for a moment at the direction of your life. Have you wondered how you got where you are? It’s a good question. If we look back far enough, we will remember a person who made an impression on us that changed us forever. It could be anyone, a parent, teacher, a stranger. Why did that happen? WE LISTENED to them.

The chief priests and elders of the people noticed Jesus was attracting crowds of people. They were listening, and something about Jesus drew them and needed more. The leaders came with an agenda and a question, “By what authority are you doing these things?” Had they listened to Jesus, they would already know that He came from God, and their question would not have entered their minds.

 The crowds followed Jesus like they couldn’t help it. Because they listened, Jesus captured their hearts. It was easy for them. They couldn’t get enough of Jesus. Take some time and consider whom you follow? Is it a human being? Is it Jesus? You will know by the direction your life is taking. If it isn’t Jesus and you know you need more, He’s waiting to listen to you. That comes first. Then you will be able to listen to him. Why, because He has your heart.

Ignite the Fire 

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC 


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