Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Friday – 02-04-2022

Friday 4th Week in Ordinary Time 2022 
Mark 6″ 14-29  


Do you know when your driver’s license expires? Then there are the tax returns we must get in on time. Traffic can be a problem getting to work on time, and we watch the traffic report to avoid any delays. Our life is full of deadlines, and we know there are consequences if we don’t meet the deadline

Herod had a deadline to meet in today’s gospel, his salvation. He heard John the Baptist many times but didn’t listen with his heart. He even locked him up in prison so he could hear him speak. His ego and pride got in the way. Herod had great power and could do what he wanted in his little kingdom. However, he was so insecure he couldn’t listen to his conscience and follow John’s counsel. Due to pressure from guests at a party, he had John beheaded at the request of a young girl.  

The window of Herod’s conversion lasted a brief time while John was alive. John was his conscience speaking. For those brief moments, he was with John; he was delighted. But his joy faded when he left John. Are you in a window of grace right now to do good and not evil? That window is open for only a brief time. Don’t just hear it with your head and dismiss it. Listen with your heart and obey it. Believe it; your conscience is the voice of God speaking to you. Meet your deadline! 


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC 


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