Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Friday – 02-18-2022

Friday 6th Week in Ordinary Time 2022
 Mark 8:34-91   


Occasionally, you will catch a jewel, a phrase that affects the rest of your life. I caught one of those jewels in the novitiate during my formation to become a religious. Blessed Antonio Rosmini, the founder of the Institute of Charity, called the crosses we carry PPIs, Peculiar Penances of the Institute. All the little crosses that come our way by disappointments, interruptions, people’s poor choice of words and actions hurt, and many more are Peculiar Penances of the Institute.

These PPIs can bring us down or lift us up. We can get upset and fret over something that goes against us. We can carry this pain around for many days, even into years. We are hurting nobody but ourselves. Jesus gives us another choice.

Personally, when I choose to embrace that cross in love for the good of someone I’m praying for, I lose that part of my life and the sting it causes me. I stop beating myself up with painful thoughts, and the agony is gone. Jesus pulls me out of that hole I created by my human reaction. Yes, it costs us for a moment to let go of our ego for the good of someone else. But I’m sure glad I left that part of me to die and can walk away, free. Jesus is saying, “deny this ugly side of yourself, and you will live.”

And the more it costs us, the more blessings will come upon the people and the intentions we are bringing to the Lord. By carrying that cross, we are praying not just with words but also with our whole being. It’s the prayer of miracles.

Do you have any denying to do today?


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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