Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Monday – 01-10-2022

Monday 1st Week in Ordinary Time 2022  

Mark 1:15-20 –         


We really must give a hand to our firefighters. They find themselves in the most dangerous situations. I was watching on TV a rattlesnake handler teaching firefighters how to manage snakes when they come across them. They wanted to learn the technique of handling snakes, especially venomous snakes. One thing they must do is focus because a snake can bite in the blink of an eye.

Driving in a fog or a snowstorm demands our complete attention as well. Pileups can occur in a flash of a second. Even paying attention, you can become a victim very quickly. Alertness and safety features, like wearing your seatbelt, can minimize injury and harm.

In today’s gospel, Jesus called his first disciples. Jesus got their full attention and did something for them that no one else could do. He cleared out the fog in their lives and relationships and taught them how to handle dangerous situations. So, what got their attention? Was it his charism? Many people have charisms. They often heard Jesus pleading with people to repent and believe the Good News. When they did repent and believe, they were free to leave their nets and father to follow Jesus.

Is there something about you that you do not like and keeps getting in the way? Are there dangerous situations because they can easily lead you into sin’s misery? My friend, acknowledge it, confess it to Jesus and drop those nets. They do not have to tangle up your life anymore. The heartache and the sadness are not worth it. Give it your full attention and wear your seat belt, acknowledge it, confess it and let it go to follow Jesus. He is worth it!


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC   


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