Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Saturday – 01-22-2022

Saturday 2nd Week in Ordinary Time 2022 

 Mark 3:20-21 



A while back, speakers were innovative in thinking “out of the box.” The “box” is a fact of life. We have speed limits we must obey for everyone’s safety. Play stops in sports if a player goes “out of bounds.” Going on diets has been around a while, limiting our food intake and eating healthy foods. All of these are valid and deserve our attention. If we don’t, we will face the consequences.

We are so used to living in “the box” that some people are considered crazy when they venture outside of it. At the turn of the 17th century, William Harvey, an English physician, was deemed to be crazy when he discovered the heart’s function and how blood circulates in the body. His findings proved correct and are considered one of the most significant discoveries of all time.

Jesus was considered crazy by his home crowd. In the minds of Jesus’ family and friends, He had to carry on the family business to keep society intact. Family bonds were one of the highest priorities. Jesus stepped out of this box and travelled, preaching and healing people everywhere. It was too much for his hometown to take. “He’s crazy!”

Jesus invites us all to be a little crazy for the sake of His eternal kingdom. His offer of life eternal, even now, cannot be put into one of our convenient boxes. Who do you know that is innovative, acting outside of our culture’s box? and is criticized for it because of their faith? It’s an arduous struggle, and Jesus understands that completely. Who are you following? Why do you follow them? Is Jesus living outside your box? What would happen if you started following Him? Faith always calls us to step out. Talk to Jesus how that would feel and even share it with a dear friend.


 Fr. Rick Pilger, IC   


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