Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Saturday – 02-12-2022

Saturday 5th Week in Ordinary Time 2022
 Mark 8:1-10


A friend of mine introduced me to the Consecration to St. Joseph. I completed the 33 days during my recovery and made the Consecration. After that, St. Joseph became my friend and constant companion with Mother Mary. When I don’t know what to say or do, St. Joseph always comes through in the most simple but powerful way.

One example happened yesterday. I met with three people who showed an interest in the Consecration to St. Joseph. We want to offer the grace of this Consecration to all our parishioners. I made out an outline for the meeting but didn’t need it. After a brief introduction, everyone started sharing how St. Joseph impacted their lives. The sharing lasted an hour. Talk about igniting the fire. It was ablaze in a rectory chapel.

I have a plan, but God has a Way for his plan to change our lives for the better. The disciples in today’s gospel had a real predicament. Over 4000 people followed Jesus for three days without eating a morsel of food. He asked the disciples to give them something to eat. A few fish and loaves of bread were a ridiculous offering, but not for Jesus. They all ate and had so many leftovers, and people had food for their journey home.

I chuckled when leaving that meeting yesterday. My little plan was like the few fish and loaves the disciples gave Jesus. It was a start, but the Lord had an excellent finish. I am excited to share what God did in that little meeting with you today. It is hard to keep his good news to myself. Now we have His plan, and I can’t wait for Him to fulfill it.

Whatever little you have to give, even if it’s nothing at all, God can work his wonders that constantly amaze us. We have nothing to fear and worry about when we give our little to Jesus. You can do that now. He commands us, “You give them something to eat.” Trust Him and watch what He does


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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