Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Saturday – 02-19-2022

Saturday 6th Week in Ordinary Time 2022
Mark 9:2-13    


 We trust the pilot when we get on a jet, and it is pouring down rain. We may not even give it a second thought. Even if there is turbulence and we are shaken up, we still trust the pilot. We know that we will see all the blue sky when we get above the clouds. No matter how many clouds, storms, winds, rain, snow, sleet, or ice, the blue sky is always there.

What would happen if we saw a cloud or many clouds, even a storm brewing, and we said, “No, I am not getting on that plane until I see the blue sky.” We would be grounded. Our plans and the plans of people awaiting our arrival would be ruined. Well, we don’t do that, do we? So we trust and get on with life.

Jesus took the disciples up a HIGH mountain and was transfigured before them. Every day we have to go up that HIGH mountain inside us; above the storms and difficulties we find ourselves. Ah, guess what? We find ourselves in a different cloud, the cloud of the Lord’s Presence. We can’t see Him as He is, but we can hear His Father assure us, “You are my son/daughter. On you, I am well pleased.” Listen to Him speak inside you. Nothing can stop us now.

Our gracious God empowers us to go down into the valley of the world, pleasing Him in all we think, say, and do. Everywhere we go, everyone, we meet, we bring with us the brilliant Light that clothed Jesus in the Transfiguration. On us, His favor rests.

Go on, living your day, being the deLIGHT of the Lord and everyone else.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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