Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Saturday, 21st Week in Ordinary Time

September 2, 2023, Matthew 25:14-30

What the Master Sees.

Sometimes, I visit people in the hospital who are in tremendous pain. The
morphine barely takes off the edge of their misery. Yet, behind the tears in
their eyes is peace. I experienced peace as soon as I walked into the room.
Maybe they don’t recognize how united they are with Jesus and his
suffering on the cross.  
Is that just a grace that Jesus gives to some people? There is a common
factor in the people I know who are at peace in any misfortune. Their life is
all about others. They took the ten or five talents or two talents and
invested them in needy people. And they do it without giving it a second
thought. They’re happy to volunteer their time in charitable work.  
What about the servant who buried his talent in the ground? This servant
cares only about himself, and the ground he buries his talent is himself. He
can never have enough. When he gets what he wants, it’s never satisfying.
He always wants more. Watch out when some calamity comes along. It’s
doubtful that he’ll accept it and move on.  
Jesus is more present to us than we realize when we are generous and
kind to others. We receive His character in baptism; He is more than
attending to us; we become another Christ to others. We don’t see it that
way because it would probably give us a big head.  
Gospel Challenge: 
Everything in life is a gift from our Father. Everything is grace, His Son
loving through us. Ask Jesus for the intention to be His grace for others.
Peace everyone.
Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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