Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Thursday – 01-20-2022

Thursday 2nd Week in Ordinary Time 2022   

 Mark 3:7-12  


I remember reading a book on St. Joan of Arc. She was burned at the stake because she claimed she heard Jesus speaking to her. While the fire was being set, the judge asked her, “How do you hear Jesus speak to you?” She replied, “In my imagination, of course. How else can I hear Him?”

In today’s Gospel, the crowd heard what Jesus was doing, healing everyone from everywhere. What is Jesus doing in your life? What keeps coming up all the time? I think of Jesus like a little terrier pulling at my pants leg, wanting me to stop what I am doing and give Him some attention, and he never stops. It makes me laugh to think of Jesus humbling Himself in this image just so I will give Him some time. 

Why not pause what you are doing a couple times a day? Maybe in the morning when having that first cup of coffee. Take some deep breaths. Breath in the Holy Spirit deeply and breath out all the thoughts that keep bombarding your mind. Acknowledge them and let them go like the wind blows a feather away. Thoughts always obey our wills.

Imagine yourself falling ever so gently into the Lord’s Presence deep within you. And rest there for a few moments. In the quiet peace deep within us, we hear the voice of the Lord. Something strikes you. Listen to it. Don’t try to think about it or try to work something out. Just rest with those words or feelings with a gentle wonder. Listen with your heart. Let Jesus do the talking.

The voice of the Lord is like the blue sky. It is always there. Enjoy that cup of coffee with Jesus. It will refresh you the rest of the day.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC   


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