Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Wednesday – 02-02-202

Presentation of the Lord 2022 
Luke 2:22-32  


Tom Brady took his time to make an important decision. Will he play another year in the NFL for the Bucs or retire. Anyone who follows the Bucs knows the impact Brady has on the game. He has broken many records that will stay for a long time. You could say that Tom Brady was consecrated to his work as a quarterback. How many players has he influenced over his career? He is the cause for the rise and fall of many in the NFL. 

To consecrate means to set aside for a particular purpose. Jesus was consecrated to the Lord on His 8th day, according to the Law of Moses. A pair of turtle doves were sacrificed and offered to God. Notice the doves symbolize purity, innocence pointing to Jesus. His innocence was offered on the Cross to free us from our sins. He restored our innocence to make us a worthy offering to our Heaven Father. 

On this Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, consider what you can offer to the Lord to keep your innocence intact and your offering pure all day long. Part of my morning prayer is offering any crosses that come my way that day. They can be big or little, and they can be irritations, ouchies, inconveniences, things people say and do that hurt. Every day has its own ups and downs.  

Instead of getting upset and ruining my day when I offer them up, the Lord takes the sting out of them. They become a prayer I offer for someone or something. And please God, He keeps my innocence intact. I thank Him that when I forget to offer the cross, he forgives me with a simple, I am sorry, Lord, help me to do better.  

Simeon, the prophet in today’s gospel, said that this child will be the cause for the rise and fall of many. It’s better to rise with the Lord from all that weighs us down in this world than to fall and be miserable. 


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC 


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