Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily Wednesday, 12-29-2021

Wednesday in the Octave of Christmas 
Luke 2:22-35 – 


 Sports Center on ESPN has two segments that I always like watching. One feature is “Come on Man,” which portrays the silliest and far-fetched plays in sports. Another segment is called the “Top 10 Plays.” This segment starts at number 10 and goes to the best play of the day in sports. Our imaginations travel from the worst to the best in any area of life.

That is not how God works. God is indeed with us (Emmanuel) in the worst and the best events we experience. But if those moments are the only times we look for Him, we won’t notice Him the majority of our lives. God is with us every moment of every day of our lives.

Think of the ordinary things you will do today. Get out of bed. God is with you. Brush your teeth and comb your hair. God is with you. Eat your breakfast and drive to work. God is with you.

According to the law, Mary and Joseph took the child Jesus to the Temple for purification. In that sense, it was ordinary. So was their journey to the Temple and back. Remember after Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the Temple when he was lost? There He grew in wisdom and knowledge through the everyday events of life. And in His ministry, He taught the truths of life to the fullest (eternal life) in parables, simple stories related to everyday life.

I’ve always believed when I say my morning prayers, I’m inviting God to be with me all through the day. It’s incredible how he reminds me of this truth. Say good morning to God when you wake up. He will be with you. And very important, you will be with Him. Like the commercial for Toyota, “Oh what a feeling, Emmanuel! 


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC  


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