Friday, 15th Week in Ordinary Time July 21, 2023

Fr. Rick’s Two-Minute Homily for Friday, 15th Week in Ordinary Time
July 21, 2023, Matthew 12:1-8

It Is Hard to Let Go Sometimes.

Preparing a couple for marriage is such an exciting ministry. I notice how couples come to let go of long-held family traditions. Parents will sometimes stop by come for a visit. And occasionally, they will say something like, “Well, we always did like this.”

Behind this thought is another thought, “Why would you want to change something that has worked for generations?” I know the Sacrament of Marriage is working even before the wedding. When the couple realizes the relationship and love for each other is more critical than long-held traditions. Things always seem to work out when we put people before stuff.

The scribes and Pharisees had a difficult time making adjustments with Jesus. They followed Jesus around, looking for something to embarrass him. An example is in today’s gospel. Picking corn on the Sabbath was breaking the Mosaic Law. The Law did not permit any work on the Sabbath.

They failed to see that charity trumps every other Law, even the Mosaic Law. Again, recall how Jesus combined the two greatest commandments, love of God and love of neighbor.

He is present whenever we do something good for our neighbors. So Jesus will always be with us when we deliberately put people before things, even before long-standing traditions.

Gospel Challenge:

Sometimes we make up laws in our minds about how things should be. We call those attitudes. If something has come between you and someone you used to hold dear in your heart, try charity and kindness. Serving Christ in our neighbor supersedes any laws our minds have conjured up.

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Fr. Rick Pilger, IC 

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