Friday, 2nd Week in Easter April 21, 2023

Father Rick’s Two-Minute Homily for Friday, 2nd Week in Easter
April 21, 2023, John 6: 1-15

More Than Enough.

It can be nerve-wracking to be asked to speak to a crowd at the drop of a hat. What do I say? Sometimes I can’t even think of a theme or subject to talk about. The mind can go blank so quickly.

But the gospel today says that Jesus knew what he would do when he asked Philip to get some food for more than 5000 people. Philip must have felt intimidated. Can you imagine trying to feed everybody that attends Mass on a typical weekend at the drop of a hat?

Pulling out our bill fold and giving somebody something to help them is almost automatic. Jesus wants us to know we have a resource within us That can more than complement our financial support. Jesus was looking for someone he could work through who had Histhe heart of compassion.

He found his heart in a little boy who felt everyone’s hunger more than his own. So he gave all he had without thinking about it. He let Jesus do the rest. Think of trust as a door to the heart of Jesus. Every good He wishes to accomplish through us comes through that door.

Gospel Challenge:
We never have to be afraid of the good we can do for someone with the little we have. God loves working through our nothingness so he can do everything for others. Think of those words of the gospel when faced with something more than you can handle,“ Jesus knew what he was going to do.” He always does, and he always will, even for us.

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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