Friday, 32nd Week in Ordinary Time, November 11, 2022

Father Rick’s Gospel Reflection for Friday, 32nd Week in Ordinary Time, November 11, 2022
Luke 17:26-37
Please take a moment to read and pray over the gospel.

Do Your Shopping Early.

Can you imagine walking into a grocery store on the day a hurricane hits? Well, for one thing, the store will not be open, and it is too late to prepare for a storm of that magnitude. It was easy to become complacent when hurricanes did not hit the Tampa Bay area since 1921. We can’t sit back and do nothing anymore.

We can become complacent about the coming of the Lord, and our immediate thoughts are that he will come at the end of time. Let’s get on with life (our human life without Christ). However, the beautiful thing about our relationship with the Lord is when we prepare ourselves for Him to come, He comes today!

We don’t have to wait, for He comes to us the very moment we turn to him and open our hearts to Him. Jesus comes when we are honest with Him about something and share all our fears, worries, and hopes. He comes to us the moment we surrender our wills to Him and our choices.

Amazingly, this frees us from any worries or anxieties. “Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to You; take care, everything.” I imagine the gates of heaven and all the blessings opening up and pouring grace upon grace into any situation I find myself in.

Gospel Challenge:
In the quietness of your heart, invite Jesus into a situation that ways upon you. See yourself placing it in His hands. Tell Him, “Take care of everything. Then close your eyes and rest. Let Jesus have His way with you.


God bless you, my friends.

Fr. Rick Pilger, I.C.

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