Friday, 3rd Week in Ordinary Time, January 27, 2023

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Friday, 3rd Week in Ordinary Time, January 27, 2023

Mark 4:26-34

Become What You Eat!

  I grew up in the Midwest, the corn belt of America. There was always talk about the size of the corn. If the corn was too short by the Fourth of July, the farmers knew there would be a problem getting their yield in time. The weather had a lot to do with the growth of the corn, and rain or a prolonged winter could cause problems.

Jesus uses a couple of parables to help us enter into the mystery of His Kingdom. The end goal of the farmer planting seeds in the ground is a rich yield, and Jesus expects the same from us. He says that the farmer knows not how the seed produces its growth. There is an element that Jesus doesn’t mention but is implied, trust. A farmer trusts that the seed will produce.

Jesus planted His seed in us. Jesus trusts that the seed of Faith He planted in us will produce the desired end He wishes for us, our salvation. Like the farmer, we know not how our Faith in Jesus brings about that end, but the seed continues to transform. It becomes a shoot, then a stock, and then the grain is in the stock to be prepared and eaten.

Eaten is the desired end of the wheat, to be transformed into something more than itself. The wheat becomes bread, and the bread becomes Jesus’ Body. In a hungry world, we become what we eat, the Body of Christ.  

Gospel Challenge:

Whoever needs you today, Jesus will provide through your kindness, patience, and generosity. Jesus will never shortchange anyone when you trust Him. Think of someone you will be with today. Tell Jesus, “I surrender myself to you; take care of everything.” He is waiting for our surrender, so He can give us His abundance.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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