Friday the 12th Week in Ordinary Time June 30th, 2023

Father Rick’s 2-minute homily for
Friday the 12th Week in Ordinary Time.
June 30th, 2023 Matthew 8: 1-4.

Quarantine Is No Fun

When COVID-19 hit, we did everything possible to keep ourselves from catching the virus. We wore masks, and anyone with COVID isolated themselves for up to two weeks or more. Some people had no symptoms, others were isolated in the hospital, and some were in critical care.

People in our Lord’s time experienced the same thing with leprosy, except for one exception: The disease did not last for two weeks but for life. Limbs would slowly rot away. The stench was horrible and repulsive. More than cut off from society, Everyone considered a leper as already dead.

Mosaic Law forbade anyone to come into contact with someone with leprosy. So, what does Jesus do? – The unthinkable. He reaches out and touches the untouchable; so much did he suffer with him.

Incredibly, the leper does not keep Jesus at a distance as the Mosaic Law demanded. Neither could the stench of his dying flesh keep Jesus away so powerful was the compassion of Jesus for this man.

You don’t notice those things when you love someone so much. The Law is no longer binding when serving the genuine needs of others.

The leper experienced this journey into the heart of Jesus when he said to the Lord, “If you do so, you can heal me.” He was saying, “I have found my home. I belong. Jesus just accepted me into his world.”

Gospel Challenge:
Is anyone living in isolation from family or friends? Reach out the hand of Jesus to them and let them know they still have a home in your heart.

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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