Friday, the 5th Week in Lent March 31, 2023

Father Rick’s One Minute Homily for Friday, the 5th Week in Lent

March 31, 2023 – John 10:31-42


Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Friday the 5th Week in Lent – 04-08-2022  
Friday 5th Week in Lent 2022  
John 10:31-42


It isn’t hard for me to appreciate what parents experience morning, noon, and night. It’s one thing after another. There isn’t a moment’s rest. “Mommy,” calls one child while she is changing a diaper. I experience the same thing without the diapers. I can walk into the office after visiting someone, and there are phone calls and a couple of people with questions.

Over the past week, we have seen how Jesus has tried many times to let people know and love His Father. “Look at Me. See how I am with sinners, merciful. See how I am with my opponents, always ready to help them understand. Look how I am with the sick and handicapped. I heal them. These are the works of My Father in me.” But unfortunately, that didn’t work. Nothing seems to work for Jesus.  

Jesus needs a breather and time to prepare for His Passion and Death. He will suffer for all sinners, including these opponents who refuse to believe, praying before His last breath on the Cross, “Father, forgive them, and they don’t know what they are doing.” 

Do you reach those moments when you try, and nothing works? When life becomes unbearable, and you need a break, rest a moment with Jesus and your Father. Pour it all out to Them. Let Them into your heart and bear your burdens. “O Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything.” He will, but this time, with you. It beats tackling life alone. 


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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