January 4, 2023, Christmas Weekday

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for January 4, 2023, Christmas Weekday

John 1:35-42 – https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/010423.cfm

“Come and See.”

Can you imagine walking up to a person you never met before and asking them, “Where are you staying?” It’s like asking someone, “What’s your address? Where do you live?” It doesn’t sound polite. But Jesus didn’t mind inviting them to “Come and see.”

We often speak about how our hearts need to be pure, open, and receptive to the Lord, clear of all the clutter of life. But today’s Gospel invites us to know that the Lord Jesus welcomes us into his heart. It’s where we can be at home with him, where he is at his best in us.

Jesus never had an address after He began his public ministry. “He had nowhere to lay his head,” the Gospel tells us. He spent three years with the disciples on the move, welcoming more and more people to “Come and see.”

He wants us to “Come and see” a little more every day. And every day we do, we discover that our hearts begin to change and become like his: we’re not as fearful, worried, or anxious about things; we are kinder to people; more forgiving; our moodiness leave us; our pain and sufferings are a lot more tolerable.

In a word, we are at peace to be ourselves in any situation with any person. And why? Because Jesus now has somewhere to lay his head, and that is where he wants to stay and make his home in our hearts.

Gospel Challenge:

The Church has a name for this intimacy with the Lord. It is called “contemplative prayer.” Go to your heart and rest with the Lord.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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