May 17, 2021, Monday 7th Week of Easter

John 16:29-33. 
Monday’s Mass Readings

Jesus is telling us however many times we have left him or anyone to suffer alone; he will never lose faith in us. 

In these final words of Jesus  
before his arrest on Holy Thursday evening  
the disciples tell Jesus that they pretty much get it,  
they understand that he came from God. 

Jesus wants them to know  
that there’s more to it than understanding him.  

He wants them to be with him in the good times  
but also to be with him in the difficult times as well. 

“Behold, the hour is coming and has arrived  
when each of you will be scattered to his own home,  
and you will leave me alone.” 

I want to say that it’s our Lord’s way of telling us  
that no one, including himself,  
should ever suffer alone in this world. 
In his own heart,  
Jesus knows we all need a friend  
in those dark moments. 

And then he goes on to say,  
“I have told you this so that you might have peace in me.” 

Do you remember the words  
that Jesus said to all of the apostles  
in that same upper room where they gathered  
after his resurrection? 

In fact, over and over again,  
in every appearance, he said,  
“Peace be with you.” 

Jesus is telling us however many times  
we have left him or anyone to suffer alone;  
he will never lose faith in us. 

He knows how weak our human nature can be 
and how much we want to take care of ourselves first. 

It’s one thing to love and forgive someone  
when they deeply hurt us. 

How difficult is it to trust them again?  

But Jesus does this and keeps coming back to us  
with so many opportunities to console him. 

We will find his peace  
the very moment we console Jesus in anyone  
who is suffering in any way. 

“Whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do to me.” 

How much Jesus wants to overcome the world in us –  
the world of hardened hearts  
that cannot embrace the pain of another! 

When I can’t seem to connect with another person’s pain and suffering, I ask Mother Mary to help me stand with her under her Son’s Cross.  

She is always faithful to bring me to Jesus when another person is hurting. 

 Peace is the fruit of the Presence of Jesus. 


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