Memorial of the Passion of Saint John the Baptist August 29, 2023 him

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Memorial of the Passion of Saint John the Baptist
August 29, 2023, Mark 6:17-29

Speaking The Truth Is Worth A Sacrifice.  


The reading in today’s Gospel is about John the Baptist giving his life for his faith. Recall a year or two ago when a gunman entered a church and murdered around ten of the faithful. They were having a bible study. Catholics and Christians worldwide are freely giving their lives for Christ. Many of them died rather than deny Jesus. 


Today, we celebrate the Passion of St. John the Baptist. John was put in prison by King Herod for speaking the truth. However, his call to repentance applied to everyone, even the king of the Roman Empire. John knew Jesus could not be a part of his or anyone else’s life without repentance. His conviction for this truth grew over his years of fasting and living without life’s necessities in the desert. 


I must be honest. I don’t look forward to fasting or suffering the inconveniences of life. I imagine many of you don’t, either. We have so many comforts in America that the slightest change or sacrifice we must make can be upsetting. Some of us may feel that pinch at the gas pump or the grocery store. 


When life throws these challenges, let’s think of others before ourselves. Let’s offer our sacrifices as a prayer for people worldwide who are under terrible persecution for their faith. Jesus may not grace us with martyrdom, but we can speak the truth graciously that Jesus is worth every bit of our inconvenience by humbly embracing His Cross. 


Gospel Challenge:

May St. John’s spirit grow in us that one day, if God calls us to martyrdom, we will have the courage and strength to endure.  Ask Jesus for the grace to embrace his cross today graciously,


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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