Monday, 5th Week in Easter, May 8, 2023

Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Monday, 5th Week in Easter 2023

May 8, 2023, John 14:21-26

The Doorbell is Ringing

“Someone is ringing the doorbell. Can you get it? I go to the door, and it is our friends visiting us. So, I let them in, and they entered the living room. They sit down, and I get on with my business. My wife wanted me to fix something in the backyard, and she is doing something upstairs. After about an hour, I returned to the living room, and our company was gone. Hmm. I wonder why they left. 

Well duh! That was a rude way to treat your company. You offer them no drinks or conversation. So why should they stick around? Jesus doesn’t ring our doorbell, and he is already inside. Jesus often sits on our couch in our hearts, waiting for us to finish our job in the backyard. Time goes by, and he has something He wants to reveal to us about a difficulty we are having.  

But more importantly, He wants to reveal His Father to us, who desperately wants to take care of us. It pleases our Heavenly Father to place all our confidence in Him and Him alone, appreciating that all things are in His hands (the Fourth Maxim). So, all we need to do is give Him some special time in our day and enjoy His company.  Here trust is born. 

The backyard and any other projects I have to finish can wait. So, if my prayer is something I have to do and get to it when I have the time, it is just one of those projects. But if prayer is when I encounter God and give Him the honor and respect He deserves, watch out because all He needs is some special time in His dwelling place, my heart. Then, something extraordinary will happen in my day for me or someone else.  

Gospel Challenge:
It’s a new day. Jesus left yesterday because I didn’t get around to seeing Him. Now, the doorbell is ringing. What am I going to do? 

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC    

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