Monday, 5th Week in Ordinary Time, February 6, 2023

Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Monday, 5th Week in Ordinary Time, February 6, 2023
Mark 6:53-56

Presence – How We Protect Ourselves

We dress for the occasion depending on what we are doing. For example, a person may dress in blue genes for work in construction, or a doctor performing the surgery will dress in a gown. We wear our team’s jersey at a hockey game. If we are gardening, our clothes differ from our sleepwear. Clothes tell everyone a bit about ourselves and who we are at that given moment.

When Jesus and his disciples landed their boat in today’s gospel, people recognized Him immediately. In no time, everyone from everywhere "laid the sick in the marketplaces and begged him that they might touch only the tassel on his cloak; and as many as touched it were healed."

In Holy Communion, Jesus clothes Himself in the appearance of bread and wine. In today’s gospel, the people recognized Jesus immediately. We all need to acknowledge the Real Presence of Christ in the Consecrated Host. My outward appearance needs to witness to others I bear in my body, mind, and soul Jesus in all His humanity and His Divinity.

Gospel Challenge:
A good examination of my dress, speech, and how I present myself can be a healing, inspiring, and consoling Presence of my Savior to others. If He can heal through a tassel on a robe, what more can He do through His brother, His sister, His friend, you, and me? Let’s all dress appropriately.


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