October 1, 2021, Friday, 26th Week in Ordinary Time

Luke 10:13-16

The Little Way.

One of the first books I read in my first year to become a religious was The Story of a Soul by St. Theresa of the Child of Jesus. She kind of reminded me of myself:

  1. She was determined to get her way as a child.
  2. Realizing the trouble this behavior caused her, she was sorry and finally made her first confession.
  3. Slowly, Jesus became more important to her than having her own way.

Jesus uses a word in today’s Gospel that describes the problems we have in our relationships when we want everything to be the way we want it, “Woe.” Yes, we are stubborn at times. Still, we always have the opportunity to show Jesus He is more important to us than anything or anyone else.

The gospel challenge:

“Woe” is something we say when we want to stop a horse in its tracks by pulling on the reigns. Think back when you got all hot and bothered about something and have yet to tell Jesus you are sorry in the Sacrament of Confession. Like St. Theresa found out, only Jesus has the authority to say “Woe” over our sins. It is better for Him to say it to our sins than to us.

IGNITE THE FIRE.God bless you, my friends.

Fr. Rick Pilger, I.C.




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