October 21, 2021, Thursday 29th Week in Ordinary Time

Only you can ignite the fire.

Luke 12:49-53
Would you mind opening your Scriptures and reading these verses prayerfully?

Smokey, the Bear, has that famous line, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” I see they have reinstated Smoky the Bear in a TV commercial. You probably saw it. A couple is building a big bonfire. Here comes Smokey, shaking his head. Together, they remove a lot of twigs from the pile. Finally, the guy gets it and gives Smokey a fist bump. Smokey ignores it and, walking away, shakes his finger at the couple. “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

Jesus takes another angle. He wants the world on fire with His Gospel way of life. “How I wish it were ablaze.” The blaze of fire in His Sacred Heart started when he went to His Passion and Death on the Cross – (Reference what he called His Baptism in today’s Gospel.)

The Gospel Challenge:

The same fire in the Heart of Jesus baptized us. Sometimes it’s a spark. Sometimes it’s ablaze. And sometimes, through carelessness, it goes out. So how is your fire doing – smoldering, a spark, a fire, ablaze? What contributed to your fire. If you notice, the fire is the Holy Spirit who descended on Mother Mary and the Apostles at Pentecost. Immediately, they left the Upper Room and set the rest of the world on fire.

Sure, some rejected them. Some were martyrs. Some family members and friends couldn’t take it as Jesus told us in the Gospel. Well, think how you present your love for Jesus to family and friends – Like a blazing fire of “You better get on the bandwagon or else.” That will burn them up. You may lose them. How about a spark of charity, kindness, gentleness, listening to them? Seek first to unite with them where they are. Then, leave the rest to Jesus. Ignite someone’s fire every day.


God bless you, my friends.

Fr. Rick Pilger, I. C.


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