REVISED 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A, January 29, 2023

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A, January 29, 2023
Matthew 5:1-12a

The Strength of Meekness.

Years ago, I remember riding a horse in a hacienda in Venezuela. I will never forget a raging bull running for us out of nowhere, my horse went into a gallop, and I held on for dear life. When it was safe, the horse came to a slow gallop, and I took a deep breath.

If the horse I rode were a wild stallion, I would be as scared of the horse as I would the bull. The horse is much stronger than me, but after training, it became meek. The term comes from a Greek word, “praus (prah-oos)—the military use that word when referring to a trained horse. Think how you can train the horse’s fierce power and wild nature to respond to a slight nudge from the foot of its rider.

Think of the times we need to be meek. It is easy to lose our patience and take matters into our own hands. When the soldiers arrested Jesus in the garden, they asked Him to identify Himself, and he said, “I AM,” and the Legion of 6000 soldiers fell to the ground, dazed with their heads spinning. Our Lord’s power hit them so fast that they were flat on their backs before they knew it.

Jesus submitted to a deeper will inside Him, His mercy on every sinner who lived on this earth. Jesus was stronger than the Roman Army, but his real strength came from the meekness in His heart.

A meek person is not a wimp. There are times to assert ourselves, and there are times to be passive. I know, as many people do, that if I am driving a car, I will not have even one drink, which is meekness. I need all my senses to be alert and ready for anything.

When someone or something crosses us the wrong way, and we want to fly off the handle, go deep and tame that stallion inside.

Gospel Challenge:

Like the horse with his rider, we need to cooperate with God, who has all the power, intellect, and will to guide us along a safe path of life. Pray for meekness when you want to take back control.

Lord Jesus, I surrender myself to you; take care of everything.

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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