Saints Simon and Jude, October 28, 2023

Fr. Rick’s Gospel Reflection for St. Simon and Jude, Apostles,
October 28, 2023, Luke 6: 12-16:

Pray well that you may listen well.

There is more to the call of Jesus than following a career. Jesus calls us into a living relationship with Him. We know the difference between working for an employer and lovingly serving a member of our family. There is a world of difference between the two.

For instance, the call of the 12 Apostles differed significantly from a call we received. After all, Jesus was standing right in front of them. They could hear his voice, and they could see his face and his expressions. How could they resist his call to follow him?

But if we think about it more deeply, many people heard the call of Jesus. Many people saw his face and listened to his voice. The rich young man was one of them. Something else is at work here.

In every one of us, there is this small, still voice that Elijah heard in the First Book of Kings. Jesus doesn’t knock everyone off their horse as he did St. Paul. Even then, St. Paul had to listen to that still, small voice inside his heart, calling him to follow Jesus.

My friends, in every circumstance we are in daily, Jesus calls us to follow him. Listen to his voice inside. Jesus spent the night in prayer to know whom he would call to be his 12 Apostles.

The Gospel Challenge:

Many voices are clamoring for our attention every day. For each one, we choose to listen or not listen. Jesus is one of those voices we hear inside. Go to His Presence inside your heart. Listen for that still, small voice filled with peace. Then, do what Jesus tells you to do. Follow Jesus with the twelve apostles.


God bless you, my friends.
Fr. Rick Pilger, I.C.

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