Saturday, 17th Week in Ordinary Time August 5, 2023

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Saturday, 17th Week in Ordinary Time

August 5, 2023, Matthew 14:1-12

Peer Pressure – Who Do You Want To Be Like?

A lot of people influence us over our lives. My cousin, Fr. Dick Horvath, influenced me when I was four or five. He visited our family weekly on his day off. I would sit and listen to him speak, even though I knew little about what he said. It was his persona (Christ) that touched me. Without realizing it, he significantly impacted my vocation to be a priest. 

It would be good to consider who influenced us in our tender years. Fathers, mothers, siblings, and friends all leave a mark on us as we mature. Is there anyone who influenced you to be like Jesus, more forgiving, understanding, and compassionate? Did the Presence of Jesus stay with you when you left that person’s presence? 

King Herod martyred John the Baptist in today’s gospel. When John baptized our Lord, he said, “He (Jesus) must increase. I must decrease.” John wanted to be like Jesus and was, even in his death. John found his identity in Christ Jesus and could face all situations with courage and calmness.  

The only identity Herod had was in what people thought of him. So, when told to kill John the Baptist, he was distressed in his heart because he admired John’s persona, Christ Jesus. But the person of Jesus was just like anyone else, not his Lord and Savior. He never seized an opportunity to know Jesus personally. So, Herod ordered John to be beheaded. He had no strength to do what he knew was right.

Gospel Challenge:

So, what can you learn from John and Herod? Have a chat with Jesus about who influenced you in your life. Then, consider who you affect.

Peace everyone.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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