Saturday 1st Week of Advent 12-03-2023

Fr. Rick’s Two-Minute Homily for Saturday 1st Week of Advent

12-03-2023, Matthew 9:27-35; 10:1; 5a, 6-8


Some days, I wonder, ‘How will I get through everything I need to do? Where do I start? And someone who needs to see a priest walks into the office. God bless them for coming. I can see a mother looking at the wash she needs to do, and she considers all the other things that need her attention. Then, the baby cries.

Our lives are so busy, and we have those moments when we are overwhelmed. That’s when I answer that first email, one email at a time, one phone call at a time. That’s when the mother looks at the pile of dirty clothes, picks up one shirt, and throws it in the washing machine. Amazing! We have the energy and motivation to do one email and one dirty shirt at a time. As for the whole lot, forget it. I can’t do it, and I walk away.

Jesus looked at the whole crowd of people and had compassion for them. He knew their pain, and it was his pain, too. With one Body, Jesus couldn’t reach out to all of them. So, He sent His disciples to the lost sheep of Israel (Church). Jesus gave them his authority to reach them. His authority is a willingness to serve others in His Name.

Gospel Challenge:

You and I must pray daily for His authority and a willingness to befriend a lost sheep of the Church. Who comes to mind immediately? That is the person you pray for every day. “Pray for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers to His harvest.” You are that laborer. Pray, and then go! One sheep at a time.

Love Your Neighbor

Please join me in praying for all baptized Catholics to be faithful to Jesus in the Holy Mass every weekend. Hail Mary, full of grace…

Peace be with you.

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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