Saturday, 2nd Week in Easter April 22, 2023

Father Rick’s Two-Minute Homily for Saturday, 2nd Week in Easter,

April 22, 2023

John 6: 16-21

Invite Jesus into Your Boat.

I remember fishing once on a two-seater boat with a buddy of my Dad, Bud Sepich. I was talking to him, and all of a sudden heard nothing. So I turned around, and he wasn’t there. Talk about a weird feeling, and I was beginning to get a bit afraid, not knowing what happened to him because there was no splash – nothing, not a sound.

Suddenly, he pops up about waist-high over the top of the water and starts gasping for air. “Something shot him up,” he said, “from the bottom of the lake, and it must’ve been my guardian Angel.”

The disciples in today’s gospel weren’t afraid of the violent storm tossing their boat. But they were when they saw Jesus after His resurrection walking on water. After their initial trauma, they invite Jesus into their boat. Again he assures them that he is with them, saying, “It is I. Do not be afraid.”

We’ve been in storms ourselves – emotional storms, spiritual storms, or anything that becomes overbearing. So then, as fear or worry overtakes us, we cry out, like the disciples, ”Get in the boat with us.”

Something extraordinary happens when they say this: “The boat immediately arrived near the shore to which they were heading.” So beautiful things do happen when we invite Jesus into our boat.

Gospel Challenge:
Jesus wants to give us safe passage in any storm, but he wants to be with us to help us reach that safe harbor. Are you going through a storm now? Invite Jesus into your boat and trust that he will know what to do when he’s with you.

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